Saturday, November 3, 2012 in KK 2nd Year Birthday

Yo yo yo What's up everyone and it has been so damn long ever since I update here. Last night was the more enormous event EVER~!!!!!

Well just like normal days I was tired exhausted and all alone in !B holding the 5D Mark III camera and a monopod to walk around really awkward for me since I am not used to go outside walk alone in such a crowd since yesterday was a Saturday in the mall.

When the time comes, I just go on and join in the event and start working since the only thing I need to shoot is the lighting only and Greyson Chance. YES guys GREYSON CHANCE. You didn't see wrong. It's him in KK at 1Borneo and I do get the chance to stand in front of him not even 1 meter away.

He was really sexy I can say. The way he sings, holds the mic, spread his arm and so on....really really sexy and the crowds went so damn wild. All those crazy fan girls screams really pierce my ears. Even JJ and Ean was being pulled by the fan girls to hug and take pictures with. Really really a wild night.

I manage to get myself to take pictures with some KL celebrities which I know and they are all so nice. 

Look at the crowd...It's crazy~

And here is Greyson Chance...His looking at my camera when I tried to take a picture of him~ ^^

And this is Ryan from really tall and good looking guy~ No wonder the girls are so tempted to hug him  >..<

 I was at the side of the stage~ ^^
Thanx to a Soundtech colleague that help me take this photo~

 Its Jin from JinnyboyTV~
His so tall and very very nice eventhough he looks kinda a bit hard to approach...

A friend of mine from the Dang Bandangs~
I can't believe he still recognize me after few years we didn't see each other...

This is Jaekwon the Korean Beatboxer~ and this guy is really damn tall...his being so nice to squad down a bit to take picture with me and even ask is the picture ok and take a look with me^^

When Greyson Chance is ready to appear, the crowd keep on chanting his name. Greyson was really really sexy last night. The way he sings, hold his mic and spread his arms...Everything is him is really attractive...No wonder the girls are so crazy about him.

Not just Ryan and Jaekwon, even JJ and Ean when they came down to the front stage to take pictures with the fans, the girl went nuts and drag Ean's shirt to hug him. I can say the whole night this guys even Jin and the others celebrity ah~真是给抽水抽到啊~

Too bad I didn't go around 抽水(take advantage) on this wonderful guys...HAHAHAHA anyway I do wish I can but I'm working so ...nah~

When the show almost end and I keep on shooting the part where this celebrities on stage will spray those party spray and yeah I was in front so I will be sprayed on. My face was covered cos I squad down to take an upper angle. I tried to clean my face cos some got into my mouth and a bit in my eyes so I tried to clean it then suddenly, a DJ on the stage holding the mic came to me and ask me am I alright. It was really really nice of him to ask me...^^

The show end around almost 12 but I left early due to my camera battery is dead and I had a really wonderful tiresome night so I'll just go home early cause my body is in pain.

Yeap, it's a really really great night that I ever had for so long...

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sylvia easter Ong said...

ohww such a nice event T_T I wish I can go there xD